Industrial Use Stacking Cardboard Pallet Containers
Industrial Use Stacking Cardboard Pallet Containers

Industrial Use Stacking Cardboard Pallet Containers

1.Materials: HDPE or PP
2.Fold the height: 205mm
3.Folding method: M type
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Product Details ofIndustrial Use Stacking Cardboard Pallet Containers

Industrial Use Stacking cardboard pallet containers, pallet sleeves, Plastic pallet pack containers also named bulk plastic bulk containers,  plastic sleeve pack boxes, plastic pallet boxes, plastic collapsible turnover boxes, plastic foldable logistics boxes. Plastic pallet pack containers are economical bulk pack containers, lightweight, durable, returnable. We offer many standard sizes and configurations of the Sleeve Pack. collapsible plastic storage crate can save the transportation cost up to 40%-80% by the recycled use of both lining and box.  High strength, low weight, recyclable and eco-friendly. 

2. Foldable boards.jpg

1. Foldable boards

(1)Easy to transport.

(2)Save 70% of space.

(3)Save on logistics costs.

(4) Honeycomb boards supp-ort for at least 50,000 times folding.

5. Can be stacked.jpg

2. Can be stacked

(1) 4 layer for static stacking.

(2) 2 layers for dynamic stacking.

(3)Save a lot of space.

Industrial Use Stacking Cardboard Pallet Containers, Easy to assemble, Shock resistance. Space-saving: reduce 80% of the volume. The Sleeves are made of high strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene structural material also referred to as “honeycomb” and for the highest payload, we offer Thermoformed Twin sheet sleeves. The Sleeve Pack (Megapack) is designed for optimum space utilization in the trailer and space-saving of 80% on the return (empty) trip. Very economical sleeve box 800x1200mm with folding window. Has only a bottom to put on top of a wooden pallet. Due to its low price, it's very often used for on-way logistics. But can easily be used many times. Has a very high loading capacity of up to 500 kg. And stacking 1+4 high.

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