New HDPE 1200*1000 Injection Molding Pharmaceutical Plastic Pallet HD3RCWS1210L

New HDPE 1200*1000 Injection Molding Pharmaceutical Plastic Pallet HD3RCWS1210L

1.Product Figure 2,Product data sheet 3. Specification 4. Product Feature 1)Plastic pallets with 3 runners bottom are widely used for transportation and storage. 2)They have corrosion resistance, non-absorbent,moth-proof and other excellent feature,so they adequately protect cargoes. 3)With...

Product Details

1.Product Figure


2.Product data sheet

Specification1200×1000×150 mm
Load CapacityStatic Load:6TDynamic Load:1.5TRacking Load:1.2T
Unit Weight21±0.5kg   differ on weight of steel tubes
Usage temperature-25℃~40℃
ColourAccording to customer demand
MarkIntegrated printing
silk screen printing
Structure characteristicDeck typeClosed decks
Bottom type3 runners
ReinforcementDecks:  reinforced by 4pcs steel tubes
Bottom:Reinforced 4pcs steel tubes
production processInjection Molding,Sweating Soldering



4.Product Feature

 1)Plastic pallets with 3  runners bottom are widely used for transportation and storage.

 2)They  have corrosion resistance, non-absorbent,moth-proof and other excellent  feature,so they adequately protect  cargoes.

 3)With irreplaceable  advantages of wooden pallets : Moisture proof, mouldproof, no nails, no thorns,  no pests, flaky, recyclable, safety and health, etc.

 4)4 ways,applicable for transposition by hand pallet trucks and forklift.  

 5)Pallets are made of HDPE, poisonless and harmless.
 6)Flat surface Protect the  goods from damage.

 7)Pallets with closed deck are easy to clean since it's designed as smooth  surface without dead angle of hygiene residue. So they are widely used in the  food and pharmaceuticals industries. 

 8)Pallets reinforced by  steel tubes,which increase load capacity of pallets,and make pallets perform  better in handling heavy -duty goods and on racks.

 9)All the reinforced steel  tubes are assembled completely inside of pallets,which avoid of rust in long  time use.

 10)Pallets decks adopt  surface galling treatment,which improve surface friction properties and avoid  cargoes sliding down.



1) Round and chamfered edge of entry design is more easier for  accessing goods.


2) Bar code  label location reserved at the short side.



3) Sweating Soldering

A) Pallets have deck and bottom 2 parts,they are made by injection  molding separably.

Inner  part of deck and bottom are designed latticed,which improve physical  properties,but surface could still be smooth,then excellent physical properties  and hygiene request all could be meet.

  Upper Deck and Bottom



B) Grooves for steel tubes reserved in upper decks and  bottom structures,thickness of steel tubes could be changed to meet different  load capacity request. Steel tubes fit the grooves perfectly,so they would not  loose after welding in use. 

   Steel tubes fit with upper decks


  Grooves for steel tubes  reserved in bottom structures


   Diagram of Sweating Soldering




 Surface shall be  level and smooth, no     cracking and deformation , of unified hue


 No clear color deviation for  same batch of cargo

 3)Test Standard:

 GB/T 15234-94



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