Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets

Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets

Product Details

The 1200X1000 series Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets are made from HDPE or PP by Injection molding. They come with open decks and 3 runners bottom. They can be used for rack system. They have been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries. 

1.Product  Figure



2.Product Data Sheet 



Load Capacity

Static Load:6T

Dynamic Load:1.5T

Racking Load:1T

Unit Weight

21KG±0.5kg(Differ on    thickness of steel tubes)



Usage temperature



According to customer demand


Integrated printing

silk screen printing

Structure characteristic

Deck type

Open decks

Bottom type

3 runners bottom

Reinforced by steel tubes


4 pcs steel tubes


4 pcs steel tubes

production process

Injection Molding, steel tubes assembled afterawards



Fork Entry  Size Chart:
 Side of  width


 Side of  length 


4Product  Features: 

1) With 3 runners bottom are used for transportation and storage, especially in warehouse; 

2) Reinforced by 8  pcs steel tubes crossed in decks and bottom, increase the dynamic load of plastic pallets, more suitable for the storage and transposition of heavy goods

3) 4 way entry,  applicable for transposition by forklifts and hydraulic pallet trucks

4) With rubber anti-skid blocks on the cargo bearing surface, to increase the friction between pallets and cargo packagings, ensure that goods will not slip during handling and transportation

5) Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, can be used in a variety of special occasions.

6) Neat, easy to clean, easy to disinfect.

7) No nail, no thorn, not cause accidental damage to the goods in the packaging process

8) Non-toxic and tasteless, conducive to the improvement of the warehouse environment, will not have any pollution to goods, especially food.

9) Not combustion, no static sparks, helpful to fire prevention in warehouse

10) Recyclable,can be processed into raw materials for other items.

11) Long service life, 5 times as long as that of wooden pallets

12) Other chemicals can be added in the raw materials to improve the performance of the pallets according to different needs

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