3 Runners Plastic Pallet With 4 Way Entry

3 Runners Plastic Pallet With 4 Way Entry

3 runners plastic pallet for heavy products, more suitable for shelves. 4 way entry makes both manual and mechanical forklifts are possible

Product Details

Why choose it?

1)3 runners plastic pallet carrying capacity, suitable for heavy duty products, especially for shelves.

2)We have added this product thick steel pipe, carrying capacity to meet your different needs.

3)plastic pallets are  made of HDPE,they are non-toxic and harmless.

4)Flat surfaces protect the goods from damage.

5)Compared with wooden pallet,plastic pallet thave these advantages: moisture proof, mould proof, no nails, no thorns, no pests, flaky, recyclable, safety and health, etc.



Product data sheet:

Specification 1200x1000x165mm
Static Load 6T
Dynamic Load 1.5T
Racking Load 1T
Unit Weight 30.09±1kg/32.86±1kg(Comment:different on steel tubes)
Material HDPE

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