Chemical Bunded Pallets

Chemical Bunded Pallets

Qingdao Huading Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. have been in this line of pallets for about ten years. Our products are highly welcomed in Middle-east, Euro, African and American markets. They have received high reputation due to the high quality and reasonable prices. Durable 1200*1000*150 mm medium...

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Chemical Bunded Pallets


1. Large bearing capacity: When the weight of the blown tray and the wooden pallet are equal, the load is five times that of the wooden pallet, which greatly increases the carrying capacity of the pallet and reduces the usage of the pallet, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing the efficiency. cost. The dynamic load reaches 2 tons and the static load is 6 tons.

2. Long service life: The blow molding tray has a long service life, generally 2-3 times of the turnover wooden pallet, and can be used 4-5 times in reasonable use.

3. Speciality: Blow molding trays are more adaptable in the special commodity market. For example, food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, salinization and other industries, plastic pallets can be made into various colors according to the requirements of different factories. Corresponding company logos and tags.

4. Good safety performance: no combustion, no electricity, no static electricity, non-slip, no burr flash, no other auxiliary connection, can ensure the safety of goods and operators.

5. Good quality: The blown tray has strong toughness, resists falling, and the 3m height often falls and falls. When the forklift driver is working, due to the line of sight, the forklift is easy to hit the pallet during the fork process. The blown tray is soft, and only a hole can be left after the installation, and no flash or falling pieces will be produced.

6. Global trend: Blow molding trays are fumigation-free products that can be exported directly to Europe and the United States. With the increasing requirements for production conditions, storage conditions, process control, and quality management, plastic pallets began to appear due to the insurmountable limitations of wooden pallets in sanitary conditions and standardized production, and soon occupied a place.

7. Environmental protection: Blow molding tray is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to acid and alkali salt corrosion, easy to clean and disinfect, not rot, and waste pallets can be recycled and used.

1.Product Figure


2.Product Data Sheet 


1200×1000×150 mm

Load Capacity







Unit Weight

20KG±0.5kg( Without steel tubes reinforcement)



Usage temperature



According to customers demand


Integrated printing

silk screen printing

Structure characteristic

Deck type

closed decks

Bottom type

closed decks

production process

Blowing Molding &sweating soldering

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