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Why We Choose Plastic Pallet?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

What is plastic pallet?

Plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit supporting the use of logistics equipment, such as forklifts and shelves. It can be used to store, load, transport goods, logistics as one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing.


Why we choose plastic pallet?


How to choose?

As we all know, there is another material-wooden, which is also popular in market. So what’s the difference between them? And which one should we choose?

plastic pallet     

    wooden pallet 


  These two types of pallets both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on when and where you intend to use them.

Now we offers these tips for choosing between wood pallets and plastic pallets.

Figure out the Differences,let’s compare them by below form and choose the best suitable for you.

1.The feature of each.

Wooden pallets:

Comparatively cheap; Recyclable; can be repaired; give off moisture; splinter; harbor bugs; Nails

go rusty easily; sharp edges; flammable

Plastic pallets:

variety of price ranges; Recyclable; can be repaired, but not easily; Waterproof, Clean and hygienic, easily sanitized; good toughness, durable; bugfree; no fasteners, Resistance to corrosion; Round and smooth edges; Fire retardancy

2.Consider practical application.

Generally speaking, the industries which usually use pallets repeatedly adopt plastic pallets to reduce cost in long term use, such as the pharmaceutical, automotive and beverage industries.

Exporters or users who won’t recall the pallets back could choose wooden pallets or light duty plastic pallets.


3.Consider weight of the products you ship.

Plastic pallets offer variety grades load capacity,0.5T to 10T(1100 to 22,000 pounds).

Wood pallets generally suitable for weighing 0.5T to 1.5T(1100 to 3,300 pounds)

4.Recognize environmental impact.

Heavy Duty Plastic pallets have a longer shelf life, but if damaged they are hardly be repaired; But plastic pallets are waterproof, they are clean and hygienic, and easily be sanitized.

plastic pallets are made from oil and must be melted down to be recycled.

Wood pallets are made from natural resource,are easily repaired and recycled, but they also

easily give off moisture,and be threaten by bugs.


5.Consider product's fragility.

Wood pallets have fasteners that can cause problems with fragile items. If you ship paint cans, for example, fasteners can come loose, puncture the cans, and cause product damage.

In that case, plastic is the better choice for the product you move.

6.Determine if pallets will serve a dual purpose.

Will your pallets also be used as a store display? The electronics industry utilizes plastic pallets for shipping because, in many cases, the pallet becomes a display and then is picked up and returned to the distributor.


7. Examine trade-off costs.

If you move fragile products, weigh the cost trade off. Is the cost of a pricier pallet higher than the cost of damaged products, shipment delays, and disgruntled customers?

8.Understand warehouse fire codes.

Plastic pallets burn at a much higher temperature than wood. If you invest in plastic, make sure you understand the fire codes.


So we can see that:

The plastic pallet or wooden pallet which is more appropriate, need to be determined according to your request.

Choose the right and good quality products, and ultimately will be able to meet your requirements.

Qingdao Huading as one of the white hair for plastic business in China,our value message is (with your money in safe, your business in safe). Hopefully to be your honest & trustworthy supplier in china.

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