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Why Used 3-runner Pallet On Rack

- Dec 04, 2018 -

Different warehouse have different specific requirements for 3-runner pallets, so the appropriate choice of pallet varieties and specifications are often different.

Especially when some enterprises need to put pallets on the rack for use, there will be stringently requirements in many aspects. For such applications, the rack must be selective-rack. Only when the suitable type of pallet can be used normally, can it fully meet the needs of use. Otherwise, if the pallet is not rack type, it will bring a lot of bad problems in application.

Therefore, we must be clear that when 3-runner pallet is on the shelf, it is necessary to use pallet that can be used on rack. The load capacity is determined by the rack structure, and overloading is strictly prohibited. The fixed ways of pallets carrying goods are mainly binding, bonding, stretching and packaging, and they can be used in conjunction with each other. After the protection and reinforcement of the cargo carried by the pallet are fixed, the protective and reinforcement accessories should be selected according to the needs, which can not meet the transportation requirements. Reinforcement and protection accessories are made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

Choosing 3-runner pallets, ensure that the type of pallets used is appropriate, fully meet the requirements of use, on the shelf when all aspects of the performance will be very good.


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