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What Are Plastic Pallets Types And How To Choose?

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Some users are confusing on how are the pallets classified and how to choose for their cases,now we offer 3 vital factors for your reference:

Pallet Material; Pallet Design and Pallet Production Method

1.Pallet Material

Generally speaking, plastic pallets are made from PP or HDPE,so we call them PP Pallets or HDPE Pallets.

Below is the packing picture of  PP material  


Pallets made from PP are usually suggested to used in higher temperatures areas or environment,such as Southeast Asia,Central America and Central African.

Below is the picture of HDPE material  

HDPE 颗粒蓝色.jpg

Pallets made from HDPE are are usually suggested to used in lower temperatures areas or environment,such as Russia,European,America,Canada or cold storage.

In fact,no mater which material be choose,they will be modified with some supplements,such as modifier,flexibilizer, antioxidant and so on.

Here we list some properties of PP and HDPE as follows.

                     PP                   HDPE
Good chemical resistanceWeatherproof
ToughGood low temperature toughness (to -60'C)
Good fatigue resistanceEasy to process by most methods
Integral hinge propertyLow cost
Good heat resistanceGood chemical resistance

PP does not present stress-cracking problems and offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance at higher temperatures. While the properties of PP are similar to those of Polyethylene, there are specific differences. These include a lower density, higher softening point (PP doesn't melt below 160oC, Polyethylene, a more common plastic, will anneal at around 100oC) and higher rigidity and hardness. Additives are applied to all commercially produced polypropylene resins to protect the polymer during processing and to enhance end-use performance.


2.Pallet Design                             

Generally speaking,plastic pallets can be roughly classified into four kinds,

First, 3 runners bottom type,which are mostly used on racks and transportation;


Second,full perimeter bottom type (window crossed bottom or picture frame bottom),this type pallets are used in widely range,including on racks,for transportation and for stacking;


Third,reversible pallets(double faced pallets),mostly used for stacking and on racks.


Fourth,9 feet bottom type or 7 feet bottom type (light duty pallets or export use pallets),which are mainly used for export or transportation without callback.


3.Pallet Production Method

Injection molding pallets,which are most popular pallets.

Blow molding pallets,which are mostly used for stacking and transportation,especially in chemical and food industry.

Blister pallets,which are usually used for light duty transportation,such as air transport.

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