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The Difference Between Plastic Pallet And Wooden Pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Durability: The service life of plastic pallet is dozens of times times of ordinary wooden pallet. The corresponding costs have also been reduced.

2. Reliability: The reliability of the plastic pallet structure greatly reduces the damage of the pallet and damage caused by the pallet damage. Plastic pallets are lighter in weight than ordinary wooden pallets of the same size, thus reducing the weight and cost of transportation.

3. Sanitation: Plastic pallet integrity, no nails without thorns, non-toxic tasteless, acid and alkali, no spark, can effectively prevent termite damage, can be thoroughly cleaned and reuse.

4. Specificity: Plastic pallet in the special commodity market will be more and more popular, such as: warehousing, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and can be based on the requirements of the factory, if there are special requirements can also be customized color, your company logo.

5. Insurance: Due to the damage of plastic pallets, workers ' compensation requirements are reduced accordingly.

6. Recycling: Used plastic pallets can be sold at 30% of the original value, because plastic pallets can be replaced by three bad pallets for a new pallet of standard back to the manufacturer or other entities for reuse.

7. Environmental protection: Plastic trays are environmentally friendly because they can be recovered and recycled, greatly reducing waste and handling costs. The use of plastic pallets can prevent thousands of acres of forest loss every year.

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