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The Definition And Specification Of Shelf Pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Definition

Shelf pallet, that is, the warehouse shelf-specific pallet, on the shelves of plastic pallets generally require the inside of the tray to add steel pipe, the number of steel pipe can be based on the actual carrying demand, to add a different number; shelves on the wooden pallet, to be based on the actual shelf size, the weight of the goods customized, shelf trays in food, tobacco, chemicals, Medicine and other manufacturing industries are the most widely used.

2. Shelf Pallet Specifications

Light Series Pallet:

1. Nine foot type plastic pallet;

2. Sichuan characters do not add plastic trays;

3. Tin words do not add plastic trays;

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet:

1. Double-sided grid plastic pallet;

2. Double-sided welding plastic pallet;

3. Double-sided mesh with steel tube plastic pallet;

4. Sichuan word grid with plastic steel pipe tray;

5. Sichuan character plate inside the steel tube plastic pallet;

6. The field character grid adds the steel tube plastic pallet.

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