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Status Quo Of Pallet Industry In China

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Pallets are mainly divided into wooden pallets, plastic pallets, metal trays, paper trays and composite pallets. In China's 220 million-piece pallet, wooden pallets are still the main force in the pallet family. A pine tree for decades, and an adult pine can only make 6 of the standard pallet, limited by forest resources, renewable cycle conditions, such as constraints, wood pallet development space is constrained. In addition, with the increase in environmental pressure, rail transport ban wooden pallet provisions, Europe and the United States and other countries on the import of wood packaging (including wooden pallets) to put forward harsh fumigation and inspection and quarantine requirements, wood pallet application has been more and more restrictions. In the face of growing bottlenecks in wooden pallets, plastic pallets stand out and become the comer.

The development of plastic pallets has benefited from several factors, first, the plastic pallet itself superior performance, followed by the state increased the control of deforestation, so that the cost of timber, coupled with the European and American wood pallets more and more stringent requirements, stimulating the use of plastic pallets; In addition, plastic pallet processing equipment, high degree of automation, large production, Flexible design, can better meet the personalized needs of customers.

According to the introduction, plastic pallets to PE or PP as raw materials, through injection molding, blow molding and other processes, has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, chemical industry, clothing and other industries. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallet integrity, sanitation clean, easy to rinse and disinfect, in the use of light weight, corrosion-resistant, acid-proof, moistureproof moth, mildew, impact and other characteristics, and long service life, the general case of plastic pallet life is a wooden pallet $number times. In addition, plastic pallets meet environmental requirements, waste disk materials can be recycled. Although the plastic pallet price is relatively high, but the use of costing up is lower than the wooden pallet. The plastic pallet is the most optimal pallet variety at present.

Data from the Pallet Professional committee of the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation show that China's plastic pallets have reached more than 100 million, and the proportion of pallets has increased from 11% in 2008 to 13%. The reason, one is because the plastic pallet enterprises by adding steel parts and other methods to carry out the process reform, the loading capacity of the plastic pallet is increased, and the scope of use is broadened; second, because of beer, beverages, dairy products and other quality, packaging norms of the advantages and the need to use pallets gradually appear, the domestic Tsingtao beer, yanjing beer, Huiyuan, Kang Master, Wahaha, Mengniu, Yili and other large-scale beer, beverage, dairy production enterprises on the demand for plastic pallets is very rapid growth; third, plastic pallet processing flexible design, can better meet customer customization needs.

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