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Production Process Of Pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

At present, Chinese enterprises mainly use injection molding, hollow blow molding two ways to produce plastic pallets.

Injection molding pallet materials are generally used low pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE), through injection molding. The cost of the material is lower than the blow molding pallet, which is widely used in China. Injection molding is suitable for the pallet forming with complex shape and high rigidity, which is suitable for the production of large batch pallet. But the mold cost is high, the investment is big. Very few flying edges, after the production of small amount of work. The molding cycle is short, and the general period is about 3 minutes. The product size is accurate, the surface quality is good.

The main parameters of the manufacturing process of the injection molding pallet are: 1. Clamping Force 2. Injection quantity; 3. injection pressure; 4. plasticizing capacity, plasticizing time; 5. Cycle period; 6. Mold: In order to reduce molding force, improve product quality, hot runner mold should be used.

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