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Plastic Totes Advantages

- Dec 11, 2018 -

Plastic tote box, also known as turnover box, can cooperate with a variety of logistics containers and station appliances for various warehouses, production workshops and other occasions. Nowadays, logistics management has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. Turnover boxes help to complete the general and integrated management of logistics containers, which is the necessary weapon for production and circulation enterprises to carry out modern logistics management.

To compare with both quality and price in NA market


Our totes can carry up to 70kg, as picture shows below.


With much cheaper price.

Apart from that, Most purchaser are worried because of transportation costs. Lots of turnover box is not foldable and can Intussusception. But not really for plastic totes.


It can be loaded around 1500 pieces in 40-feet container, so that reduce a lot shipping cost.

The tote box with cover can insert into each other when empty, thus saving up to 70% of the storage space. Especially in the empty container placement, transportation process can greatly reduce space, save costs.


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