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How To Find A Most Suitable Pallet For My Warehouse?

- Jan 15, 2019 -

1. Material

The material is mainly PP or HDPE, for HDPE material the benefit is the Applicable temperature range. The using temperature can be up to 100 degree, also can be low to -35 degree. For PP material, the applicable temperature range is not as much as HDPE, but the raw material cost is much lower.

2. Molding Type

The building molding is divided into 3 types, rotational molding, Injection molding and below molding. Rotational molding is wildly used in south east Asia area. For us, the Injection molding is the most popular one, Tons of client will use the pallet on rack, and the injection molding pallet is absolutely the most suitable style, the pallet that is made by injection molding can be reinforced by steel tubes, which can reduce the deformation of the plastic pallet. It is used in automatic warehouse.

Below molding has its own benefit which is the load capacity. For instance, the dynamic load 2T’s pallet, the injection molding is roughly $20-30 per pieces, but for below molding the price can be further down, especially for the large size like 1500*1500*150mm. But it also has drawback, the below molding pallet can not be used on rack, it is mainly used for stack, since it is double face pallet. shows as picture below.

3. Load capacity

The load capacity is the General name of the Static load, Dynamic load and Rack load.

Static load is literally mean how many tons that a pallet can stand when it is put on the ground. Shows like below

The blue pallet got 6T static load.

Dynamic load can be big partly show the load capacity when we use the pallet with matched forklift.

And for the Rack load, I suppose it is easy to understand by literally, so no more explain.

The load capacity can be influenced by many factor, like reinforced steel tubes, the unit weight of the plastic pallet. For example, a normal injection molding pallet, Static load 4T, Dynamic load 1T and rack load 0.5T. When it is reinforced by 8 pcs steel tubes, the load capacity can be up to 6T Static load, 2T Dynamic load, and 1.2T Rack load. We even have some pallet that is specially designed for rent, which insert 14 pcs steel tubes to make sure the using life span.

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