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Field Font Plastic Pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Field-shaped plastic pallets can be stacked using stacking mode and used on shelves.

Types of plastic pallets for field fonts:

1. Grid field Font Plastic pallet

2. Flat-field plastic pallet

Material: PP material or HDPE material

Process classification:

1. Molding field shape plastic pallet, most of the grid field font plastic pallets can be achieved a molding process.

2. Welding type, that is, the plastic tray is divided into two pieces of injection molding, followed by a hot melt in the way, this kind of product process more. It is basically used in the production of flat-field plastic pallet.

3. Splicing type, this type of product and welding type is the difference between the product is not used in the hot-melt mode, and in both products have been reserved slots or on the board to reserve holes, easy to use accessories to put together two pieces of board.

4. Field-shaped plastic pallet belongs to one-sided pallet, generally used for logistics library, or packaging for the export of products is more extensive, most of the handling equipment can be used in the field of plastic pallets on the four sides of the fork function.

5. Field-shaped plastic pallets can be stacked using stacking mode and used on shelves.

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