Do You Know The Pallet Loading Capacity?

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Some users are confusing on load capacity types of plastic pallets and pallet containers,now we offer some explanation to help you understand.

STATIC LOAD  is the maximum weight that the pallet can withstand when placed on a level solid surface.

An example of a static load would be a set of pallets that are stacked two or three pallets high. If each pallet had 1000 Kg. on it, then the bottom pallet would have a grand total of 3000 Kgs.图片1.png

DYNAMIC LOAD is the maximum weight that the pallet can accommodate when being moved by a forklift.

For example, a pallet rated for a“dynamic load” of 1000 kg. means you can put up to 1000kg of an evenly distributed product on the pallet, then the pallet could be placed on a convey or system or be moved around a warehouse by a forklift or hand pallet truck.


RACKING LOAD is the maximum weight that the pallet can accept in a racked system.

All plastic pallets have a safety margin to ensure that they can be loaded to these maximums, however these capacities assume that the load is evenly spread.


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