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Characteristics And Application Performance Of Blow Moulding Pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Blow Molding Pallet characteristics

A. Raw materials:

High-molecular weight polyethylene (HMWHDPE) is superior to the general Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) with a variety of chemical and physical properties.

Suitable for large-scale hollow container production, can be used in harsh environment for a long time.

B. Production process:

Hollow extrusion Blow up the whole molding, the molecular weight distribution, the load structure is reasonable, the design is suitable for all kinds of forklift use sockets.

C. Appearance:

Beautiful appearance, no flying edge, no other auxiliary connection, no thorn, no debris, pure color, color can choose, neat structure, clean and hygienic.

D. Weight:

Light quality, good load performance, space movement is easy to safety, no harm to people.

2. Use Performance

A. can be used in ( -35°~ 40°) environment, its performance is unchanged;

B. Excellent impact resistance, friction does not spark, not easy to burn, no electrostatic;

C. No rust, no water, moisture resistance, water-resistant, washable, easy to clean;

D. The service life far surpasses the wooden pallet and the injection type pallet, does not need to repair, bears the fall to withstand the collision. Recyclable, in line with environmental requirements.

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