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Advantages Of Plastic Pallet Transportation

- Oct 13, 2017 -

(1) The use of pallet handling, can improve the working conditions, eliminate bulky manual labor;

(2) The operation time is greatly reduced, the delivery time becomes shorter, the truck transportation rate rises; Usually the driver of a forklift can do 10 people's work, if the goods are more scattered or heavier, can say a person to do equivalent to 20 people's workload;

(3) Pallet transport rarely occurs in the case of loss of goods. When carrying out the work, due to fatigue, error, the goods will be scattered damage;

(4) The use of pallets have a certain number of cargo, delivery can prevent the number of errors, easy to manage the quantity;

(5) Can effectively carry out the safekeeping place reorganization to carry out the stereoscopic custody;

(6) Three-dimensional warehouse, automatic shelves, such as warehouse, without pallets, its function can not be realized;

(7) The implementation of unmanned transport factory must have pallets;

(8) The process plan and timetable can be established for handling operations. As a drawback, the pallet itself has a certain weight and volume, and when transported with the goods will produce extra weight and volume space. However, this shortcoming is much smaller than the advantages, so the world's advanced factories and distribution warehouses and distribution centers are bound to use pallets.

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