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Technical Agreement for plastic pallets

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Size is long 110cm* width 110cm, flat plate double-sided use, four-direction interpolation, dynamic load 1.5 tons, static load 5 tons, color is orange. Raw materials for low pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Pure raw materials (no irritant odor, non-toxic harmless gas emission). The materials used must be corrosion-resistant, not to add recycled materials, not to use steel pipe reinforcement, the requirement of durability. Shelf Life 3 years, the shelf life due to quality problems caused by damage, according to 1 damaged pallets for 1 new pallets to give free replacement ratio. More than shelf life or due to operational problems caused by damage, press 3 damaged pallet to replace 1 new pallets for free replacement. Replacement of the freight manufacturers bear. If not meet the requirements, Yat Shing Petrochemical reserves the right to request return.

2. Pallet technical standards refer to the requirements of the national standard gb/t15234-94.

3. Tray acceptance requirements in line with gb2934-82 transport flat pallet size series.

4. Tray temperature range: Tray in the temperature range of 40 ℃ to +60℃ normal use.

5. Appearance: pallet surface should be flat without flying edge, no impact on the use of cracks and deformation, a single pallet should not have obvious color difference, the same batch product color consistent.

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