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Standard and main specifications of plastic pallets

- Oct 13, 2017 -

In addition to the mechanical industrial system using jb3003-81 800mmx1000mm and 500mm~800mm two kinds of specifications of the pallet, 1996, China's Ministry of Transportation Research institute also proposed to ISO6780:1988 "General-purpose flat pallet main size and tolerances" Equivalent to the Chinese national standard of pallets. Later, the former National Bureau of Technical Supervision by the GB/T2934-1996 standard serial number approved and issued the equivalent standard, including 1200mmx1000mm, 1200mmx800mm, 1140mmx1140mm and 1219mmx1016mm 4 pallet specifications.

In addition, about pallet standards, China also has gb/t3716-2000 pallet terminology, gb/t16470-1996 pallet packaging, gb/t15234-1994 plastic flat pallets, gb/t4995-1996 intermodal pallet performance requirements, gb/t4996- 1996 General-purpose flat pallet test methods and other national standards. Not only that, in China's Japanese, Korean-funded enterprises also use a large number of 1100mmx1100mm pallet specifications. All these show that China uses too many pallet standards, such as not vigorously reorganized, it is difficult to effectively solve the unification of China's pallet specifications. Panel Professional Committee investigation found that the size of the pallet in circulation is more cluttered. Including: 2000mmx1000mm, 1500mmx1100mm, 1500mmx1000mm, 1400mmx1200mm, 1300mmx1000mm, 1200mmx1000mm, 1200mmx800mm, 1200mmx 1100mm, 1100mmx1000mm, 1100mmx1100mm, 1100mmx900mm, 1000mmx1000mm, 1000mmx800mm, 1200mmx1200mm, 1300mmx1600mm, 1300mmx 1100mm, 1400*1100mm, etc. dozens of kinds of specifications. The specification of plastic pallet is relatively concentrated, mainly 1100mmx1100mm and 1200mmx1000mm, about 50% of the plastic pallet. This is because plastic pallet production to use injection mold, and mold development costs relatively high. Wooden pallet specifications are confusing, the specification is mainly using units according to their own specifications of the product customization, which is relative to the wooden pallet manufacturing process is relatively simple. Steel pallet is not a lot of specifications, concentrated in two to three specifications, mainly used to the pallet bearing weight requirements of relatively high port and other units. In addition in the Investigation Tray Professional Committee also found that enterprises use more than planar four-sided fork-use pallet, accounting for the total number of pallets used about 60%. The rest of the plane two-way fork-sided use of pallets, single-sided use of flat pallets, box-type pallets and cylindrical pallets. The use of special pallets is relatively small. Box-type pallets are used in the production process of the material handling, basically do not enter the circulation.

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