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Load of plastic pallet

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Pallet stacking

1. Wood, paper and metal containers, such as hard straight side cargo single or multi-layer staggered stacking, tensile or shrink film packaging;

2. Paper or fiber-type cargo single layer of multi-layer stacking, with banding cross sealing;

3. Sealed metal containers, such as cylindrical cargo single or multi-layer stacking, wooden cargo cover reinforcement;

4. Need to carry out moisture-proof, waterproof and other protection of paper products, textile goods single layer or multi-layer stacking, tensile or Shrink film packaging goods increase angle support, cargo cover clapboard and other reinforcement structure;

5. Fragile type of goods one-way or multi-layer stacking, increase wood support clapboard structure;

6. Metal cylinder container or cargo single layer vertical stacking, increase cargo frame and plank reinforcement structure;

7. Bags of goods multi-layer staggered compaction.

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