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Considerations for using plastic pallets

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Hydraulic trucks and forklifts in the use of pallets in the process, the fork in the outer edge of the distance should be as far as possible to relax to the outer edge of the pallet fork, the depth of the fork should be greater than the entire pallet depth of more than 2/3.

2. Hydraulic trucks and forklifts in the use of pallet movement process, should maintain uniform speed and retreat and up and down, to avoid the emergency brake, the sudden turn caused by damage to the pallet, causing the collapse of goods.

3. Pallet on the shelves, should keep the pallet on the shelves on the smooth placement, the length of the pallet should be greater than 50mm outside the outer diameter of the rack. Which type of plastic pallet is suitable for use in cold storage or high strength environment? Positive or negative 40 ℃, polypropylene can not be made of polypropylene this material can not resist low temperature. If you in the cold storage tray needs to be on the shelves, the best choice of double-sided pallet, the goods are not so heavy can choose field word or Chuan word tray. Another: The use of low-temperature environment, the practice has proved that modified polypropylene can be fully qualified. Modified polypropylene is a product of high temperature incomplete polymerization of polyethylene and polypropylene. He has both the toughness of polypropylene, the low-temperature resistance of polyethylene, the stability of physical properties, abrasion resistance and fall. Large-scale chemical enterprises, low-temperature cold storage and other environments generally recommend the use of this material.

Low-pressure high-density polyethylene can be used in the production of plastic pallets, pure raw material production of plastic pallets can withstand -30℃ low temperature. Extrusion-blow molding high strength blow molding pallet, generally will be used HMWHDPE plastic blow molding, the weight of the molecular weight of the $number million; this kind of plastic material has a super adaptability to ambient temperature, which can be used stably in -40~40℃ environment, Is the need for high-intensity use of the environment's preferred plastic pallet, because this high-strength blow molding tray selection of high cost of plastic raw materials, processing technology is more difficult, product life is particularly long, can reach 5-10 years. Although the price will be higher at a time of purchase, the cost of comprehensive use is indeed low. This high-strength blow moulding tray can be selected when high strength is required.

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