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Classification of plastic Pallets

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. In accordance with the external type

① double-sided use plastic pallet

Flat-sided plastic pallet

Grid double-sided plastic pallet

② Single Use type plastic pallet

Flat nine-foot plastic pallet; grid Nine foot plastic pallet

Flat-panel plastic pallet; grid field font plastic pallet

Plate Chuan-shaped plastic pallet;

③ Light Plastic Pallet

(suitable for product export packaging disposable export packaging use or light weight of the use of products).

Products are also divided into grid and flat type.

2. In accordance with the use

① Shelf Type Plastic pallet

② ground turnover type plastic pallet

③ Stacking Type Plastic pallet

④ Light Plastic Pallet

⑤ Packaging Disposable Export plastic pallet

Advantages of box-type plastic pallet:

 1.easy to use, save space;

 2.box-type plastic pallet service life is about 10 times times longer than wooden cases;

 3.box-type plastic pallet than the same type of wooden boxes and metal box weight much lighter, the use of integrated molding so in the handling and transport performance better;

 4.box-type plastic pallets can be used at any time to clean water, good environmental protection;

 5.can be widely used in liquid and powdered goods storage turnover, widely used;

3. By application and industry

Export plastic pallets, intermodal plastic pallets, moisture-proof plastic pallets, moisture-proof plastic trays, forklift plastic pallets, shelves plastic pallets, logistics plastic trays, food plastic pallets, beer plastic trays, beverage plastic trays, chemical plastic trays, tobacco plastic trays, mechanical plastic trays, electronic plastic trays, salt plastic trays, Heap code plastic Pallet, intermodal standard plastic pallet, port plastic pallet, container plastic pallet and so on.

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