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Characteristics of plastic Pallets

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Four-sided pluggable, easy to operate;

2. Not only suitable for stacking in warehouses, but also suitable for use on all kinds of shelves;

3. Suitable for all kinds of truck transportation, convenient materials assembly and cell transportation;

4. Convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools operations;

5. With non-slip rubber, to ensure that materials in the handling and transportation process will not slip;

6. Long service life and can be used for bad reuse;

7. Plastic pallets are safe, hygienic, pest-proofing, without repair.

Affected by the production of molds (complex design, expensive), plastic pallet structure and size of randomness, production enterprises must continue to develop, and gradually enrich their product categories. But for special size requirements, sometimes can not be satisfied.

As the plastic pallet is basically a molding, the damage can be repaired after a certain extent, only scrap, but scrap can be recycled.

Purchase a large-time investment, generally a wooden pallet 2-5 times.

Plastic pallet is a warehousing and transportation industry widely used in warehousing and logistics products.

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