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Advantages of plastic Trays

- Oct 13, 2017 -

* In terms of corrosion resistance, the best plastic pallets, plastic wood second, the worst steel tray;

* In the moisture resistance, plastic pallet performance is excellent;

* In insect-resistant, the best steel pallet, plastic pallet second;

* In terms of life expectancy, steel pallets and plastic pallets are difficult to be equal;

* In pallet weight, paper, wood Pallet occupies a certain advantage;

* In the bearing performance, steel pallet effect is the best;

* In the use of performance, plastic and steel trays are superior to paper, wood pallets;

* In pallet prices, wood pallets have the advantage, paper and plastic wood second, the most expensive steel pallets.

However, because in the actual use, according to different uses, some pallet is difficult to replace other varieties. For example, when carrying heavy goods, steel pallets have their irreplaceable property. But overall, plastic, plastic and wood composite and paper trays will be more promising products, and one of the most plastic pallets.

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